On 22 January 2024, a market information notice was published to inform stakeholders that EnergyCo will administer an expedited Application Process to allocate the initial tranche of Access Rights for generation and storage projects seeking access to the new Central-West Orana Renewable Energy Zone (REZ) network.

For further information on the allocation process please contact EnergyCo at CWO.access@energyco.nsw.gov.au and see EnergyCo’s Guidelines on the Application Process on EnergyCo’s website.

Projects seeking an Access Right will be required to enter into key contracts. Details of these will be made available on EnergyCo’s website. As the Consumer Trustee, AEMO Services will be determining the Access Fees for the CWO REZ Access Rights. AEMO Services has published a Draft Determination, Draft Access Fee Calculator and Guidelines to assess Project Proponents in understanding the proposed Access Fee Determination process.


Document Purpose
Draft Access Fee Calculator The Draft Access Fee Calculator is designed to assist Access Rights Proponents to estimate a Project’s Access Fee and provide transparency on the inputs used to determine the Access Fees.
Draft Access Fee Determination The Draft Access Fee Determination is the anticipated format of the statutory decision by the Consumer Trustee setting out how the Access Fee, payable to the Scheme Financial Vehicle by the Access Right Holder, is expected to be determined and adjusted under the Access Fee Determination process and includes the Access Fee Schedule for each Project.
Access Fee Guidelines The information provided in the Access Fee Guidelines outlines how the Access Fee is expected to be structured and its components, the calculation of Fees under the Draft Access Fee Determination using the Draft Access Fee Calculator and how Access Fees are expected to be determined and adjusted.


Last updated 17 Oct 2023