We have announced the results of Tender Round 3 - generation and long-duration storage infrastructure in NSW.

Five projects representing 750 MW of renewable energy generation and 524 MW (4,192 MWh) of long-duration storage have received Long-Term Energy Service Agreements following AEMO Services’ rigorous two-stage tender assessment process. Each of the storage projects will have a continuous discharge capacity of at least 8 hours.


Successful projects in Tender Round 3

Project name Proponent Technology Capacity REZ / Location
Uungula Wind Farm Squadron Energy Wind 400 MW CWO REZ
Twelve Mile
Culcairn Solar Farm Neoen Australia Pty Ltd Solar 350 MW Culcairn
Silver City Energy Storage A-CAES NSW Pty Ltd Advanced-compressed
air energy storage
system (A-CAES)
200 MW
1600 MWh
8-hour storage
Broken Hill
Goulburn River BESS Lightsource Development
Services Australia
Lithium-ion BESS as
part of a hybrid project
49 MW
392 MWh
8-hour storage
Richmond Valley BESS Ark Energy Projects Lithium-ion BESS 275 MW
2200 MWh
8-hour storage
Myrtle Creek


The projects are expected to be operational before 2028 and to make meaningful contributions to the local workforce and communities.

The tender sought an indicative 2,500 GWh (around 950 MW) of generation and up to 550 MW of long-duration storage capacity.


Benefits of LTESA Awarded Projects

Collectively, the awarded LTESA projects will provide:

  • Consumer value: Financial bids in the tender were very competitive and were well below the estimated levelised cost of energy. Some bidders also cut options from the contract or have the LTESA in place for only a part of the project, reducing the size of the subsidy they could receive and providing better value for NSW consumers.
  • Energy delivery: Successful generation projects are expected to produce enough clean energy to power over 360,000 households per year. Successful LDS projects are capable of providing enough electricity to power 725 households from a single full cycle.
  • Investment: More than $4.2 billion in total investment in NSW’s renewable energy infrastructure.
  • Jobs: The projects will support more than 1,000 jobs over their lifetimes.
  • Community and regional economic development.

Last updated 18 Dec 2023

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Last updated 18 Dec 2023