We have announced the results of firming infrastructure tender in NSW, a significant contribution to the reliability and security of our energy system. AEMO Services, acting as the NSW Consumer Trustee conducted this tender in response to a direction by the NSW Minister for Energy.

The tender originally sought at least 380 MW of firming infrastructure and demand response from the market but was expanded to 930 MW with the Commonwealth Government supporting up to an additional 550MW of firming infrastructure through the Capacity Investment Scheme (CIS).

The successful projects in Tender Round 2 include two, 2-hour duration Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) projects, one 4-hour duration BESS project, and three demand response projects. Combined, they will provide 1,075 MW with almost 3 gigawatt hours (GWh) of energy to the network.

Project name Proponent Technology Capacity Storage capacity
Liddell BESS AGL Energy Lithium-ion batter 500 MW 1,000 MWh
Orana BESS Akaysha Energy Lithium-ion batter 415 MW 1,660 MWh
Smithfield BESS Iberdrola Energy Lithium-ion batter 65 MW 130 MWh
Virtual Power Plant (VPP) Enel X Australia Demand Response 95 MW
comprising three separate VPPs
(50MW, 20 MW, and 25 MW)
Minimum dispatch duration of 2 hours,
which will be maintained throughout the LTESA term.


All projects committed to be operational by December 2025 and make meaningful contributions to the local workforce and communities. For more information on the successful projects, please see our Market Briefing Note.

Benefits of LTESA awarded projects

Collectively, the impacts and benefits of the awarded LTESA projects are significant and far-reaching;

  • Successful projects noted they would involve almost 400 jobs across their lifetime.
  • The successful projects represent more than $1.8 billion in total investment in NSW’s renewable energy infrastructure.
  • The total capacity awarded LTESAs is equivalent to over 8% of the total 2023 NSW summer peak demand.

Last updated 22 Nov 2023