A 10-year plan for a new electricity network
Our rolling tender schedule will incentivise and accelerate an expected $32 billion in private capital to transform electricity generation and storage in NSW
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Designed for impact
Our world-class tenders are turning project plans into tomorrow’s energy infrastructure. Each tender utilises a competitive two-stage process, selecting generation, storage and firming projects to drive one of the fastest decarbonisation initiatives seen anywhere in the world.

Open to projects from across NSW

Two-stage process ensures financial value for consumers and benefits for surrounding communities

Designed in close consultation with project proponents and investors for ease of participation

Aligned to capacity targets set out in our Infrastructure Investment Reports

The tender process

Projects are first assessed on merit criteria for project viability and sustainability as well as benefits to local communities and First Nations peoples.

Shortlisted projects are then invited to submit price bids, and those which offer the greatest financial value to energy consumers may be selected to enter into Long-Term Energy Service Agreements (LTESA) and access to Renewable Energy Zone (REZ) infrastructure.

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