We have announced the results of Tender Round 4 – Generation in NSW.

Two projects representing 312 MW (980 GWh) of renewable energy generation, including one with 372 MWh of storage have received Long-Term Energy Service Agreements following AEMO Services’ rigorous two-stage tender assessment process.


Successful projects in Tender Round 4

Project name Proponent Technology Capacity REZ / Location
Flyers Creek Wind Farm Iberdrola Wind 140 MW* Orange
Maryvale Solar and
Energy Storage System
Gentari Renewables
172 MW*
372 MWh
Dubbo / within
CWO REZ area
Total 312 MW
*The nameplate capacity for Maryvale Solar and Energy Storage System is 243 MWp and Flyers Creek Wind Farm is 145 MW


The projects are expected to be operational before 2028 and to make meaningful contributions to the local workforce and communities.

Benefits of LTESA Awarded Projects

Collectively, the awarded LTESA projects will provide:

  • Consumer value: Financial bids in the tender were very competitive and were well below the estimated levelised cost of energy. Bidders also cut options from the contract or had the LTESA in place for only a part of the project, reducing the size of the subsidy they could receive and providing better value for NSW consumers.
  • Energy delivery: Successful generation projects are expected to produce enough clean energy to power more than 169,000 NSW households per year. Collectively projects with generation LTESAs as part of the Roadmap will power more than 1,229,000 NSW homes per annum.
  • Investment: The projects awarded LTESAs have collectively brought in excess of 9 billion in total investment in NSW’s renewable energy infrastructure.
  • Jobs: The projects themselves indicate that together, they are expected to support more than 630 jobs during their lifetime.

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Last updated 19 Apr 2024