The Capacity Investment Scheme
The Capacity Investment Scheme
The Capacity Investment Scheme (CIS) is an Australian Government initiative that aims to encourage new investment in renewable generation capacity and clean dispatchable capacity.


The Capacity Investment Scheme Tender 1 – Generation in the NEM is expected to open for bids on 31 May 2024, with registrations expected to open on 16 May.

The Tender is seeking an indicative 6 GW of renewable electricity generation across the National Electricity Market. Of this 6GW, minimum capacity targets across jurisdictions apply:

  • New South Wales – 2.2GW
  • South Australia – 300MW
  • Victoria – 1.4GW
  • Tasmania – 300MW

The remaining 1.8 GW of renewable capacity will be allocated to projects across the NEM based on a merit assessment of the projects.

Market Briefing

The Australian Government has released a market brief on the upcoming CIS Tender 1, Generation in the NEM (Tender 1). The briefing note provides an overview of the planned key design elements of the Tender 1 process, including the proposed Eligibility Criteria and proposed Merit Criteria that the Australian Government anticipates proponents will be required to satisfy.

Further information and the final Tender 1 design elements will be published in the Tender Guidelines and draft Tender 1 Capacity Investment Scheme Agreement (CISA) - these are expected to be released upon the anticipated tender opening on 31 May. If you believe that proposed design elements in the market brief would present a significant barrier to your organisation participating in the CIS, please provide your feedback to

We will host a webinar in June to support potential proponents’ understanding of the tender, process and product. More information will be made available soon.

About AEMO and AEMO Services’ Role

AEMO and AEMO Services have been engaged to support the roll-out of the Australian Government’s Capacity Investment Scheme (CIS) as an advisor and tender delivery partner, bringing together our expertise in energy markets, modelling and infrastructure finance and procurement. AEMO Services is conducting the competitive tender process that will enable the Commonwealth to determine which projects the scheme should support, commencing with the SA-VIC Tender.

Our work will help the Commonwealth secure reliability and security in energy supply for consumers across Australia. As in NSW, we will conduct a two-stage tender process, assessing social licence criteria and financial value, and focusing on stakeholder centric experience for tender participants to foster quality and competition. The Commonwealth Minister for Climate Change and Energy is the ultimate decision-maker, with a short-list of projects recommended to the Commonwealth for final approval.

Registered proponents are able to ask questions in the formal tender Q&A process. For any enquiries on registration please contact

are now open

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Last updated 23 May 2024