Statutory Risk Management Framework

As renewable energy generation becomes increasingly cost-efficient, and the coal-fired generators that currently provide three-quarters of NSW’s electricity move closer to retirement, the NSW Government has drawn up the Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap to respond to the unique challenges and opportunities facing the state.

The Roadmap is an ambitious policy framework that manages the risk to NSW electricity consumers of this change through co-ordinating investment in generation, storage and firming infrastructure to deliver whole-of-system benefits, transforming the system to make it cheaper, cleaner and more reliable.

AEMO Services, as the NSW Consumer Trustee, is committed to effective, transparent and accountable risk management. As required by the Electricity Infrastructure Investment Act 2020 (NSW) it has published a Risk Management Framework that relates to Long-Term Energy Service Agreements. The purpose of this Framework is to ensure that the risks associated with Long Term Energy Service Agreements are managed in the long-term financial interests of NSW electricity customers.