We have created additional information for Proponents seeking more detail on the financial value of electricity provided by generation and long duration storage (LDS) projects and how it could be assessed. By sharing this information with the market, AEMO Services, acting as the NSW Consumer Trustee intends to help Proponents understand the financial value of their projects to NSW electricity customers; and provide competitive Financial Value Bids.

This Market Briefing contains three important notes and an accompanying Relative Value Topography (RVT) tool, which gives an indicative view of the expected value of electricity (i.e., the spot market price), on a relative basis, across a typical day, months, and certain years. The three documents and tool are to be considered in conjunction with each other.

Following market engagement, AEMO Services acting as the NSW Consumer Trustee has opted for a generation following LTESA design. The report below provides further details and information on the decision. The report was first produced for the Consumer Trustee in August 2022. We are sharing this report to provide background information to support proponents participating in Tender Round 1 to develop their Financial Value Bids.

Last updated 11 Oct 2023